The Three Stooges Con 2016Stooge Family Members

Family Members of The Three Stooges will hold panel discussions and Q&A sessions to share their unique personal experiences with The Boys as well as mingling with the fans for photo opportunities.

Family Members Attending
Earl Benjamin Curly Joe’s Stepson and the President & CEO of C3 Entertainment, Inc.
Robert Benjamin Curly Joe’s Stepson and the Executive Vice President & General Counsel for C3 Entertainment, Inc.
Kris Cutler Larry Fine’s Granddaughter
Geri Greenbaum Shemp Howard’s Daughter-in-law.
Janie Hanky Curly Howards’s Daughter.
Paul Howard Moe Howard’s Son and the narrator of the new collectible Three Stooges documentary box set, Hey Moe! Hey Dad!
Joan Howard Maurer Moe Howard’s Daughter who you can also see featured prominently in Hey Moe! Hey Dad!
Jill Howard Ullo Shemp Howard’s Granddaughter.
Eric Lamond Larry Fine’s Grandson and the Vice President of Brand Management and Strategic Planning for C3 Entertainment, Inc.
Kelly Leckron Curly Howard’s Granddaughter and Janie Hanky’s Daughter.
Brad Server Curly Howard’s Grandson.

Last updated 1/26/16.