The Three Stooges Con 2016Speakers

We are lining up some well known speakers for the convention: Paul Howards, Joan Howard, Saxon Sitka, son of Emil Sitka, Authors Jim Pauley and Bill Cassara and more. 

The following speakers are confirmed for the convention.


paul-howard-300Paul Howard

Paul Howard, Moe Howard’s son, will speak about his father, The Boys and Hey Moe! Hey Dad!, the recently released 9-hour DVD series he hosts that tells the true story of The Three Stooges with never before seen footage and photos from the families of the Stooges themselves.

joan-howard-300Joan Howard Maurer

Joan Howard Maurer, Moe Howard’s daughter, will talk about her father and uncles and answer questions.

sitka-featuredSaxon Sitka

Saxon Sitka, the son of supporting actor, Emil Sitka, will be on hand with a presentation about Emil’s work with The Three Stooges. Emil Sitka was a veteran American actor who appeared in hundreds of movies, short films, and television shows, and is best known for his numerous appearances with The Three Stooges—nearly 40. In fact, he is often called “The 4th Stooge.”

The Three Stooges Hollywood Filming Locations by Jim PaulyJim Pauley

Jim is the author of “The Three Stooges: Hollywood Filming Locations” and will be speaking about his book. He will also be signing copies of his book.

stooge-heavyBill Casara, Author

Bill Cassara, author of the book Vernon Dent, Stooge Heavy and Ted Healy, Nobody’s Stooge will talk about the men and their impact on The Three Stooges. Rare photos will be part of the presentation.